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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Payment Work?
When you are booking a property, depending on how far in advance you are booking, than 50% is due to confirm and lock in your dates. That is 50% of the actual rate of the house plus any taxes. This does not include security deposit which can be paid with the last payment. The last payment is due 60 days prior to your stay. Remember that if you are booking last minute than the payment is due in full. This process has been agreed upon by each owner. Some owners may fluctuate in case you need a little more time, but if you are having a hard time getting the final payment in, please contact our offices right away so we can inform the owners. You do not want to lose your deposit and we are not liable for your loss. You are responsible in getting your deposits and final payments into the owners in a timely manner.

What Kind of Payment do You Accept?

At this time we are accepting personal checks, cashier's checks, bank transfers, and company checks. We are not accepting credit cards at this time. Unfortunately due to the high risk factors associated with credit cards we are choosing a responsible alternative to credit cards. Please note that we verify each cashier's check by digitally transferring the check to the issuing bank. Any check returned will be thought of as a missed payment, which puts you at risk of losing your deposit or the home you are booking.

Corporate Client's please note when sending a company check you must include the contact name and phone number as we need to verify the check has been issued according to your company guidelines.

When do the Owners get paid?

We do not hold any funds in trust. That means that once a payment comes in, the owner is paid directly within 5 days of your check clearing or within hours of your wire coming into our offices. This means that we are not holding any money that belongs to you. All of your funds have left our office months prior to your departure.

What happens if I have an issue at the home upon arrival?

If you have an issue at the home upon arrival, you must inform the host or management company that will be letting you in. We highly recommend you view the home or at least know the area and have seen enough photographs to satisfy your needs. You are renting a BY OWNER home; we merely market the homes to our fullest capacity for each owner.

What does the Security Deposit Cover?

A security deposit is what you give to an owner to ensure the owner that you understand that you must leave the house in the same condition that you found it. If a cable bill, internet bill, phone bill, maids bill, or if something is damaged, than the owner reserves the right to deduct the overages or damages from your security deposit.

Security Deposits are normally returned within 30 days of departure to allow for all bills to come into the home owner and all items to be checked to ensure nothing has been damaged.

Why do some owners recommend Travelers Insurance?

Travelers Insurance in every sense of the word is for those who are traveling somewhere and want to make certain that they get their money back if they need to cancel their trips due to (Death in the Family, Serious Injury, or Hazardous conditions due to storms in your area that are preventing you from flying or leaving your area). Please check with your Travelers Insurance Experts for more information.

What you should Know About Vacation Rentals?
What is a True Vacation Rental?
A True Vacation Rental is a home that is one that operates under the guidelines of that particular city/state/country Resort Accommodations Guidelines. A homeowner who is renting their “home for sale” under the guise that it is a True Vacation Rental is not being honest. Owners are charged accommodations taxes which are different for every state and city within that state/country/district/suburb. Even a Castle in Ireland pays VAT which is a Vacation Rental or Accommodation tax. This does not apply to yearly leases, which we do not handle here. You must use a realtor for an unfurnished yearly lease.

What is the difference between a listing site and -
A Listing Site is a site where you just post a home and it can be any home (you have no way of knowing whether that home is for sale, in foreclosure, partially used by owner, or being rented legally). These sites do not monitor any of the homes on their sites, these are individuals, or companies who want to market their homes on their own. These are valuable sites for marketing purposes but be weary of distinct signs that something is not quite right. Be sure you get a name of an owner or company, an address, working phone number, and can verify that the company is doing business legally or that the owner does not have a criminal record. You can legally search criminal history on any number of websites that are in that local city/area. You can also check with the Division of Corporations to make sure the company is up to standard without serious complaint.

It is difficult to be sure who anyone is. That is why we make certain our owners are all verifiable. We always get various contacts, check with the cities, check with that state, and country to make certain that owner/company is legally running a business. The last thing we want is for you to have a disappointing vacation. Although we can never be 100% sure that nothing will happen in the future we can always verify them prior to their listing with us.

It is good to note that we turn down40% of the home owners that contact us. We do not cater to home owners or companies who have bad reputations under Trip Advisor or with their local Better Business Companies. It is important for us to maintain a good working relationship with both our owner and our guest who is inquiring about a home. We are passionate about what we do and we look forward to feedback about any of the homes.

Unlike Listing Sites we remove any listing that has 1 negative commentary on it. If a home has had a negative comment or letter, where the owner has shown negligent behavior towards a guest, including cleanliness, all items in the home in good condition and working order, or rude behavior towards a client, than we have the absolute right to remove this home and owner from our system. There is no second chance with our company; once a home has received a serious negative commentary it's gone!

Vacation Homes are the new way to travel and we understand that. See our Pet Friendly site for Pet Friendly homes , and if you have any questions, feel free to call us and speak to anyone here @ 786-293-9061.