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Luxury Lifestyle Management has an excellent and unique way to market your home.  We act as your personal marketing company.  We come up with attractive and inclusive descriptions for your home.  We provide area information for the client coming to look a the home. We also place your listing with our sites and pay for listings with other sites that we work with.  All that we require is that your home meets the cleanliness and welcome standards that have become a staple to our business.

What we Look for in a home -  Over the years we have come to a particular standard that we would like to see in each of our homes.  That standard may not be what other sites look for, but as a marketing company and an intermediary for the booking, we find it is important that all facets of this partnership between our company and owners/agents meet our needs. 

  1. Each home must be equipped with a change of sheets for each bed in the house.
  2. Each home must have updated appliances that are clean of all items upon arrival of guest.
  3. Each home must have working telephones that can be used for local calls.
  4. Each home must have internet of some sort, unless overseas (that is optional).
  5. Each home must have a maid or cleaning service that can be called in for emergency or daily cleaning.
  6. Each home must be cleaned prior to move in and fully equipped with all toiletries. 
  7. Each home must have a pool cleaning company on call (unless there is no pool).
  8. Each home must have new towels yearly (white preferably).  Old towels are not a good quality in a home.
  9. Each home must have a lock box OR Keypad if no host is available for opening the home. 

Each home must maintain a good appearance.  Lawn care, pool care, carpet care, air conditioning maintenance, clean towels, clean sheets, clean refrigerators, no personal items left in home, no foods left in homes.  These are all part of a good and clean appearance that we look for.

List Your Villa

To request a review by one of our villa experts please send an email to with information about your villa and links to any photos or other information you have. We do not charge you to list your home, we work on a promo fee/booking fee, which is added to your net rate and paid only upon booking of the home through our sites. You may also call with questions toll free in US at 866-293-9061 or within Florida at 786-293-9061. If looking for a yearly site to list your home, we can also work with you on that. We do have an individual site for yearly listings, 149/year for single, 129/for two, 99/each additional.

Example of what we will need:

  1. Photos of each bedroom and bath.
  2. Photos of the outside of the house and pool/garden areas.
  3. Photos of the Kitchens and living room areas.
  4. Address of the Home.
  5. Name of Owner/Agency
  6. Prices (Net) for our offices. (these are prices that do not include a commission or referral fees)
  7. Address for mailing payment
  8. Your contract (If you do not have one, please ask one of our representatives for more information)
  9. Your contact information (not of the home, but your information for calling/mailing)
  10. Additionally please check with your local city/state to be assured you have permission to rent your home for short term

Our Agency also engages in event coordination and scouts locations for movie productions and photo shoots.  We will at times fully cater any our client’s choices, if possible.  This may include nanny service, car service, security services, chef, or a fully catered residence.  We also do Wedding Events and Parties.  Please ask for Agents for more information if your home is to be used specifically for a wedding, movie location, or a photo shoot location.

We look forward to working with you.

Please send all information to:
Luxury Lifestyle Management Team
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