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Lake Como Villa
6 Bedroom/6 Bathroom
Lakefront/Private Walk
Lake Como, Italy

Views from Villa

Villa View from Private Beach

Guest Suite

Lake Como

Guest Suite

Property Description:

The Villa was built in the 20th century by one of the colorful former owners of the property, an author on the origins of man. The Villa can only be fully appreciated from the lake, as it appears to be an extension of the 20' high stone walls that encase the property.

This fantastic villa was designed to give all guests lake-facing views from their bedrooms. There are three suites with queen-sized beds, one with twin beds and two single bedrooms. All beds have goose-down pillows and comforters together with the finest quality Italian cotton linens.

The gardens of the villa are set out beautifully on two levels. Each of the levels are shaped by imposing 20 foot high, 250 year old stone walls. Leaning over the garden balustrade, guests can look north towards the ancient village of Torno with its colorful piazza and villas or the the south towards the bright colors of the cutting garden, Versace's Villa and to the town of Como.

Rates - Weekly

12,500 EUROS June - September

9,500 EUROS April, May & October

6,800 EUROS November - March

Alternate View Lake Como

Eat In Kitchen


Alternate View Villa
Italy Vacation Rental - Lake Como
Living Area
Italy Vacation Rental - Lake Como
Views from Villa


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