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Irish Country Manor  Connemara, Co Galway, Ireland

House on Entering

Front Door

Foyer as you walk in

Alternate View
Sitting Room

Irish Country Manor

Property Description:

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Irish Country Manor
Bedroom 3
Irish Country Manor
Dining Area

9 Bedrooms ~ 9 Bathrooms

Have you ever wished you could go back and visit a time and place when Kings and Queens ruled the lands?  Have you ever dreamed of Castles and large Estates, grounds for miles, beautiful gardens, and your own personal staff catering to your every whim?  If you've ever dreamed it, than we can make those dreams come true. 

The Irish Country Manor was built in 1720, in the County of Galway, in West Ireland.  The home is situated on 200 Acres of gardens and woodlands.  The Manor overlooks a beautiful lake, where just across it you can make out a fantastic Medieval Castle.  The home has 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms in the main house, with 2 guest cottages and additional rooms, totaling the complete estate at 15 bedrooms.  You may rent the whole Estate or just the main house or cottages.  The home has been updated, but kept in a very traditional styling.

As you walk in, the foyer is breathtaking, your eyes will wander a bit to the frescos which are detailed on each wall and the ceiling. The artistry is incredible, capturing the pure joy of what it must have been liked during the early period when this home was built.  The classical moldings and diamond cut tiles bring this whole room together.  A great entrance for a great beginning to a storybook holiday.

The bedrooms are all period style.  The master suite, with King sized bed, is done in dark hardwoods and lightly colored linens.  For your convenience you will find a writing table and breakfast tea table, setup so that you will have absolutely everything you need for your stay.

The Guest bedrooms are as follows, the first guest has a double bed and bath, the second guest has a double and single bed and bath, the third guest has a King sized bed and bath, the forth guest has a King sized bed and bath, the fifth guest has a Queen sized bed and bath, the 6th guest has two twins and bath, the 7th guest has a double bed and bath, the 8th guest has a double bed and bath, additionally there is one additionally sleeping area if needed, but is not part of the main rental.

Our cottages are also available for rental, alone or with the main Manor.  The cottages consist of one cottage with two King bedrooms, sleeping four.  The second cottage has One King bed, One Queen bedroom, also sleeping 4.  The cottages range from 1,800 Euros to 2,500 Euros per. week. 

At this lovely manor we can schedule a vast variety of events and day trips.  You can also have our chef cook your dinners, breakfasts, lunches, all depending on what you like.  Meals range from 29 Euros and dinners starting at 49 Euros per. person.  We do have a wonderful selection of menus for you to choose from, just ask.  You may also have your wedding ceremony performed here, at this amazing home.  The weddings can be fully catered by our staff and on our grounds they make for some lovely photos.  You can also hire a horse and buggy to make the Cinderella story pop into life.  Your Storybook Romantic wedding starts here.

We hope you will join us soon.



(per week)

(per month)

 11/1/06 - 5/1/07
 7 nts min..

9 Bedrooms(up to 18 people)



  5/1/07 - 6/1/07
 7 nts min..

9 Bedrooms(up to 18 people)



   12/15/07 - 1/1/08
 7 nts min..

9 Bedrooms(up to 18 people)


Call for Pricing

6/1 - 9/1 (High)
Call for Holidays

9 Bedrooms(up to 18 people)






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